EU approvals

We are closely following EU approvals of genetically engineered organisms and inform about their risks

Testbiotech continuously monitors EU approvals of genetically engineered organisms. In our database you will find information on approvals as well as Testbiotech comments.

Our Testbiotech-EU-News which we provide as a service, has information on the current status of approval processes and the work of the European Food Safety Association EFSA.

Together with other organisations, Testbiotech has filed a lawsuit against the EU approval of the transgenic soy “Intacta” (MON87701 x MON89788) produced by the US company Monsanto, because of the insufficient risk assessment carried out by the EFSA.

In 2015, complaints were filed against authorisation of genetically engineered soybeans with an altered oil content and genetically engineered oilseed rape , as well as a dossier about combinatorial effects in genetically engineered soybeans.

Testbiotech demands significantly higher standards in the risk assessment of genetically engineered organisms, and strict regulations to ensure the independence of the competent authorities.