• NGT plants: EFSA fails to assess ANSES reports

    Testbiotech: the authority is acting like a ‘service institution’ to promote political interests

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recently published an opinion on a report drawn up by the French authority, ANSES, which deals with the future regulation of plants obtained from new genetic engineering (NGT). ANSES published two reports in which it questions whether the criteria proposed by the EU Commission for decision making whether NGT…


  • Gene Drives for plants: ‘gamete killers’

    New technique for plant genome manipulation under environmental conditions

    Researchers in the US and China have succeeded for the first time in developing so-called ‘gene drives’ for plants. This new technique for genetic engineering can be used to manipulate plants directly in the environment instead of the laboratory. One goal of using the new techniques is to eliminate ‘weeds’. Others purposes could be the…


  • NGTs: New challenges for risk assessment

    First comprehensive overview of NGT applications in bacteria, algae and animals used in food production

    A recent study published by scientists from Austria and by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation provides a first comprehensive overview of new genetic engineering (NGT) applications in bacteria, algae and animals used for food production. It shows that the number of NGT organisms intended for commercialization is much higher than was previously assumed.…


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