Our political claims

Protect biodiversity!
If we allow genetically engineered organisms to spread their DNA into native populations, it can be regarded as a ‘germ-line manipulation’ of biodiversity. This human intervention will impact all future generations of the species concerned as well as their ecosystems. We demand that action is taken against the uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered organisms!

Protect health and environment!
The EU has already authorised more than 50 genetically engineered plant events for use in food and feed. There are too many risks and uncertainties associated with the introduction of these plants into the food chain. We demand that the protection of health and the environment is given priority over and above the interests of the biotech industry!

Enable freedom of choice!
EU regulations mean that we can avoid genetically engineered organisms being used in food production; that seeds are protected from contamination and we have mandatory labelling of products derived from genetically engineered organisms. Free trade agreements such as CETA are putting these standards at risk. We demand that freedom of choice is safeguarded over and above the interests of free trade!

Push back against the influence of the biotech industry!
Biotech companies not only use their patents to sell their genetically engineered seeds – they also use them to control biosafety research. Experts with close ties to industry have a strong influence on the work of authorities carrying out risk assessment. We demand the strengthening of independent risk assessment. We need to reduce the influence of the biotech industry on authorities and research!

Give ethical principles higher priority!
In 2015, the number of genetically engineered animals used in experiments in Germany, exceeded more than one million for the first time. This development is largely driven by economic interests, evidenced by the number of patents granted on these animals. Humans, themselves, are increasingly in danger of becoming part of the experiments. The creation of chimeric embryos by inserting human embryonic cells into embryos from an animal species, is just one recent example. These kinds of experiments can seriously harm the principle of human dignity. The creation of such chimeric embryos and intervention into the human germline must be forbidden. Furthermore, there is absolutely no justification, moral or otherwise, for patents to be granted on genetically engineered animals or the genetic engineering of animals for use in food production.

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