Patents and animal rights

We are demanding respect to animals and no patents on life.

In 2015, we published a report that shows the number of animal experiments with genetically engineered animals has grown year after year and that do have a significant effect in this development. In Europe, more than 1500 patents on animals have been granted so far – even on genetically engineered chimpanzees! This topic was also discussed at our conference 2015 in Berlin.

Testbiotech has filed oppositions against patents on genetically engineered chimpanzees at the European Patent Office and called for investors in biotechnology to set clear legal standards in their financial activities.

There are plans also for massive usage of genetically engineered animals in agriculture. Testbiotech publishes two reports about this topic in 2016. Testbiotech demands that European politicians make clear that there will be no approval for genetically engineered animals.