Testbiotech comment on the EFSA assessment of genetically engineered soybean A2704-12 for renewal

Soybean A2704-12 was first authorised for import into the EU 10 years ago. The EFSA GMO panel recently re-assessed this genetically engineered soybean that is resistant to glufosinate for renewal of authorisation (EFSA 2019a). Regrettably, the EFSA re-assessment completely ignores the fact that there has been a considerable increase in the number of problems with herbicide-resistant weeds in the past ten years and that, therefore, the agronomic conditions under which herbicide resistant soybeans are cultivated have also changed. This has inevitably led to higher amounts of pesticides being sprayed onto the crops; and new data are required before any decision on the safety of the GE soybean can be made.

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