What is key for future regulation of New Genomic Techniques (NGT)?

Expert opinions about regulation of NGT plants

20 January 2024 / Yesterday detailed insights on future regulation of NGT plants were presented in an online workshop by four experts. The topics were the risks of a deregulation of NGT plants for nature and the environment as well as the impact of patents on European breeders. There was a common understanding that the position of the rapporteur of the EU Parliament as well as the proposal of the EU Commission needs to be revised thoroughly.

Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger, University of Tübingen: “New genomic techniques from an ecological and environmental perspective: science-based contributions to the Commission’s proposed regulations”

Dr. Michael Eckerstorfer, Environment Agency Austria: “New genetic engineering: possible unintended effects”

Dr. Samson Simon, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation: “Where does the EU-path on NGTs lead us?”

Dr. Christoph Then, Testbiotech: “Patents, case studies and chimeric proteins: what is really key for the future regulation of NGT plants?“

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