Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2020
Warum die Neue Gentechnik strikt reguliert werden muss
Fragen, Antworten und wissenschaftliche Hintergründe zu CRISPR & Co
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Why ‘New GE’ needs to be regulated
Frequently Asked Questions on ‘New Genetic Engineering’ and technical backgrounds for CRISPR & Co
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Overview: the RAGES project
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Testbiotech comment on the Statement „Towards a scientifically justified, differentiated regulation of genome edited plants in the EU“ published by Leopoldina, DFG and German Academies of Sciences and Humanities
TESTBIOTECH Background 30 - 9 - 2020
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RAGES subreport: Health risk assessment of genetically engineered nutritionally-altered GM crops
Helen Wallace, Christoph Then
PDF icon RAGES_report- GE plants with nutritional changes.pdf
RAGES subreport: Serious shortcomings in the European risk assessment of herbicide tolerant GE plants for human health
Thomas Bøhn, Christoph Then, Andreas Bauer-Panskus, Juliana Miyazaki, Nicolas Defarge, Tamara Lebrecht and Angelika Hilbeck
PDF icon Rages_report_ GE HT Plants.pdf
RAGES subreport: Assessment of health risks associated with the consumption of products derived from genetically engineered plants with a combination of traits
Christoph Then, Andreas Bauer-Panskus, Juliana Miyazaki, Janet Cotter, Tamara Lebrecht and Thomas Bøhn
PDF icon RAGES_report- combinatorial effects.pdf
Zusammenfassender Abschlussbericht des Projektes RAGES, 2016-2019
PDF icon Zusammenfassender Abschlussbericht des Projektes RAGES.pdf
RAGES subreport: Environmental risk assessment of genetically engineered crops that can persist and spontaneously propagate in the environment
Andreas Bauer Panskus, Juliana Miyazaki, Christoph Then
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Testbiotech comment on EFSA opinion regarding insect‐resistant and herbicide‐tolerant soybean DAS-81419-2 × DAS-44406-6
TESTBIOTECH Background 20 - 12 -2020
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