Testbiotech comment on ‘Scientific Opinion on application EFSA-GMO-BE-2013-117 for authorisation of genetically modified maize MON 87427 × MON 89034 × NK603 and subcombinations by Monsanto (September 2017)

The GMO Panel assessed maize MON 87427 × MON 89034 × NK603 and its three subcombinations. The three single events and the two-event stack maize MON 89034 x NK603 were assessed previously. The maize contains two genes for glyphosate resistance and produces Cry1A.105 and Cry2Ab2 proteins which confer resistance to specific lepidopteran pests.
The maize is part of a biotech industry strategy to introduce more and more herbicide resistances into crop plants in order to combat herbicide-resistant weeds that are particularly problematic in the US. The reason for crossing NK603 with MON 87427 was to increase the content of EPSPS enzymes that confer resistance to glyphosate in the plants.

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