MON88017 x MON810

Maize MON88017 x MON810

Lebensmittel und Futtermittel
Inserted gene: 

cry1Ab, cry3Bb1, cp4 epsps

MON88017 x MON810

The event MON810 produces a Bt toxin against lepidoptera (European stemborer and other moths/butterflies); MON88017 is a stacked event with glyphosate herbicide tolerance and a Bt toxin against coleptera (corn root worm and other beetles).
As an F1 hybrid of two deregulated GMOs it is not regulated in the US. MON88017 x MON810 has environmental, food and feed approvals in a number of countries, mainly in Asia and in Mexico.

authorization status: 
subject to withdrawl and/or bans: 


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