Opposition against patents on chimpanzees

Update: European Patent on chimpanzees manipulated to develop cancer -> http://www.testbiotech.de/en/node/879

In 2012 the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted three patents on genetically engineered chimpanzees. The animals are intended for use in pharmaceutical research.

Such patents can create commercial incentives to run more animal experiments with animals – even with great apes, like chimpanzees.

The signatories are calling for animals to be treated with more respect, a stop of patents on animals and the revocation of the patents on chimpanzees.

Testbiotech and several other organisations will file oppositions against all three patents. With your signature, you support the oppositions (without any obligation) and you will be informed about further progress and the public hearing.

Further Information: http://www.testbiotech.de/node/738

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