Publication year: 2017
Testbiotech Background - Glyphosate and genetically engineered plants (July2017)
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Testbiotech comment on the Scientific Opinion on an application by Dow AgroSciences LLC (EFSA-GMO-NL-2011-91) for the placing on the market of genetically modified herbicide-tolerant soybean DAS-68416-4
PDF icon TBT Comment soybean DAS-68416-4_02_fin_v3.pdf
Playing Russian Roulette with Biodiversity
Uncontrolled applications of gene editing threaten biodiversity, the rights of consumers and farmers, as well as the future of animal and plant breeding
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Checking the facts: Genetically engineered soybeans from Bayer and Dow with triple resistance to herbicides (December 2017)
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Eingabe von Testbiotech (Juli 2017)
Antwort auf den Brief des Patentinhabers vom 29.11. 2016 und die Stellungnahme der Einspruchsabteilung vom 27.01.2017
PDF icon Antwort auf MPG_Testbiotech.pdf
Testbiotech comment on ‘Scientific Opinion on application EFSA-GMO-BE-2013-117 for authorisation of genetically modified maize MON 87427 × MON 89034 × NK603 and subcombinations by Monsanto (September 2017)
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Themen-Factsheet: Bienen
PDF icon Testbiotech Factsheet Bienen_V2.pdf
Faktencheck: Gentechnik-Soja mit dreifacher Resistenz gegen Herbizide
PDF icon Faktencheck Gift-Soja Dezember 2017.pdf
Breeding material from cloned bulls in the US imported into the EU - and related current gaps in regulation
PDF icon Testbiotech_cloned bulls and CETA.pdf
Testbiotech comment on the Scientific opinion on an application (EFSA-GMO-NL-2013-120) for authorisation of genetically modified soybean FG72 x A5547-127 for food and feed
PDF icon TBT Comment soybean FG72 x A5547-127_02_fin_v3.pdf