Research project RAGES


Project coordinator

Testbiotech e.V.

Project partners

European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER)

Critical Scientists Switzerland (CSS)

GeneWatch UK

Funded by

Stiftung Mercator Schweiz

Content of the project

The European research consortium will focus on the risks of genetically engineered organisms, especially transgenic plants. Partners within the project are the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER), its Swiss branch CSS (Critical Scientists Switzerland), GeneWatch UK and Testbiotech. It involves more than a dozen experts from five European countries.

The project is completely independent of the interests of the biotech industry. It aims to improve the scientific understanding of risks and potential hazards caused by the introduction of genetically engineered plants into agroecosystems and food production.

The project was set up after it became evident that current practise as applied in risk assessment of genetically engineered plants in Europe is not sufficient to safeguard the protection of health and the environment.

The consortium will not carry out experimental risk research itself, but will base its analysis on a wide range of scientific publications and databases. The RAGES aims to provide recommendations for the future risk assessment and regulation of genetically engineered crops.

The consortium held its first meeting in Zurich, Switzerland in November 2016 and will present its results at a public conference in 2018.


Dr Christoph Then, Testbiotech Tel + 49 151 54638040, info[a]

Dr Helen Wallace, GeneWatch UK, helen.wallace[a]

Dr Angelika Hilbeck, ENSSER, angelika.hilbeck[a]

Dr Luigi d' Andrea, CSS, l.dandrea[a]