Genetically engineered maize: New indication of health risks

Bt protein toxic to human cells
Friday, 17 February 2012
Caen/ Munich

Insecticidal Bt toxins such as those produced in genetically engineered plants can be detrimental to human cells. This is a result of recent research led by researchers at the University of Caen (France). Their experiments showed that toxins produced in, for example, the genetically engineered maize MON810, can significantly impact the viability of human cells. The effects were observed with relatively high concentrations of the toxins, nevertheless there is cause for concern. For the first time, experiments have now shown that they can have an toxic effect to human cells.

Data from Monsanto do not meet basic scientific standards

Rising doubts about safety of genetically engineered plants
Thursday, 2 February 2012

In a letter to Commissioner Dalli, Testbiotech and GeneWatch UK give new evidence of EFSA´s failure to perform risk assessment of genetically engineered plants. A detailed analysis of original documents as filed by Monsanto for their genetically engineered maize sold under brand of Genuity VT Triple PRO shows that crucial documents do not meet the standards of so called Good Laboratory Practice (GLP standards).

Golden Lies: The Seed Industry’s Questionable Golden Rice Project - Consumer organisation foodwatch publishes report of Testbiotech

Munich/ Berlin, 18.01.2012 Golden Rice, a prestigious agrobiotech industry project, may soon be placed on the markets after more than ten years of development. But it is still highly questionable if this rice really can help defeat vitamin A deficiency. This has been shown by a new Testbiotech report prepared for the consumer organisation foodwatch.


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