Commission admits that toxic mixes in genetically engineered soybeans need to be assessed

Mix of residues from combined spraying of herbicides raise health concerns

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In a letter to Testbiotech and GeneWatch UK, the responsible EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis admits that “it is true that the legislation requires cumulative and synergistic effects of pesticide residues to be considered”. At the same time, he also states that methods to assess these health effects are not yet available. The letter from the Commission was written in response to a call by the two organisations to stop market authorisation of herbicide resistant genetically engineered soybeans.

Last exit before the Frankenstein-Zoo?

Report on the risks of genetically engineered animals for human health and the environment

11 January 2016 / Now that market authorisation has been granted for genetically engineered salmon in the US, several companies are already aiming to introduce other genetically engineered animals into agriculture. A Testbiotech report, commissioned by the Green Group in the German Bundestag, will be published today and provides a comprehensive overview of planned applications, the risks for human health and the environment and the consequences for agriculture.

Toxic effects from spraying genetically engineered soybeans with a combination of herbicides

New toxicology dossier assesses health risks of glyphosate sprayed in combination with other herbicides

Monday, 4 January 2016

A toxicology dossier published today assessing herbicides sprayed onto genetically engineered soybeans has revealed some alarming results. Residues originating from a combination of glyphosate with dicamba or isoxaflutole show a higher risk of serious detrimental health effects such as genotoxicity, liver toxicity and tumours than each of the single substances. Combinations of these herbicides are regularly applied to new genetically engineered soybean varieties produced by Monsanto and Bayer.


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