New database of EU authorisations

Testbiotech provides infographics, targeted search tools and updated background information on genetically engineered plants

1 December 2012 / In recent months, Testbiotech has been working on completely revamping its database of EU authorisations for genetically engineered plants. The database now provides a comprehensive overview of plant characteristics, risk-relevant issues and gaps in current risk assessment carried out in the EU. We have, amongst other things, improved the search tools, added missing data and integrated infographics.

As of now, the database is unique in the EU. The graphics provide a quick overview of relevant companies, genetically engineered plant species, traits such as herbicide resistance and insecticidal toxin expression as well as the year of authorisation. Each genetically engineered plant is described in a brief summary with, in many cases, additional comprehensive backgrounders - whilst other documents provide an overview of specific risks. We will be extending the range of topics within the next few weeks. An EU Newsletter is a further additional service. All the information is freely available in both English and German.

Currently, more than 50 genetically engineered plant events have authorisation for import into the EU and usage in food and feed. Furthermore, one of these authorisations was granted for genetically engineered maize (MON810). Within the next few weeks, the EU Commission is planning to issue authorisations for further variants of genetically engineered maize (Maize 1507 and Bt11 and soon afterwards for GA21).

The relaunch of the database was supported by the Software AG Foundation.