EU food safety regulation: New strategy needed to implement precaution

Meeting with the EU Commission on fitness check of EU regulations

“It appears that a lack of adequate balance in political strategies is to blame for major deficiencies regarding the implementation of the current standards in food safety. While the EU Commission has put much emphasis on supporting technology, competition and innovation, it has never pushed in a similar way for a coherent and effective approach to foster independent risk research and precaution”, says Christoph Then for Testbiotech.

In this context, Testbiotech today published a short discussion paper on the issue. The recommendations for EU policies are:

  • the development of an integrated participative approach in the process of risk analysis,
  • to broaden scientific expertise of the authorities involved in risk assessment
  • systematic promotion of independent risk research and
  • taking more account of the uncertainties and limits of knowledge before products are allowed on the market.

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