EU Commission after Dalli: Who will take decisions on genetically engineered organisms? - Testbiotech urges a halt in decision- making

Munich/ Brussels. 17.10.2012 Now that Commissioner John Dalli has stepped back from his position for alleged fraud, Testbiotech is concerned that the EU Commission might use the coming weeks to push forward decisions before a new Commissioner has been appointed and properly introduced to his job. Testbiotech is asking for impending decisions to be halted and a reorganization of the Commissioner’s tasks.

“We are not the only institution that never had too much confidence in the work of the DG Sanco led by Commissioner Dalli. The answers from the Commission to our letters frequently seemed biased and not fully driven by the interest of the general public. For example, on conflicts of interest at European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, Commissioner Dalli’s cabinet denied the need for taking action as necessary. It is now time for mechanisms to be put in place for the Commission to regain trust.” Christoph Then says for Testbiotech.

Testbiotech urges putting any decisions on further market authorisations and a planned Implementation Regulation that deals with new standards for risk assessment of genetically engineered plants on hold. Furthermore, the responsibility for the authorisation of genetically engineered organisms should be split amongst the Commissioners, giving a lead to DG Environment for issues concerning environmental risk assessment.

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