• EU Council to discuss a compromise for the future regulation of NGT plants

    Draft text conflates economic aspects with issues related to health safety and the environment The EU Member States will try to reach a compromise on the future regulation of plants obtained from new genetic engineering (NGT) at a meeting in Brussels scheduled for tomorrow. The proposal originally drawn up by the EU Commission envisages most…


  • First European patent granted on CRISPR pigs

    Genus is planning market introduction of genetically engineered pigs in the near future In April 2024, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted the first ever patent on CRISPR pigs, which are supposedly resistant to a virus known to cause serious problems in pig fattening. The pigs are intended for use in food production (EP3331355). The…


  • Testbiotech is calling for an end to the cultivation of GE maize MON810

    New data on outcrossing of transgenes In its contribution to the annual stockholders’ meeting held by Bayer (Germany), Testbiotech will be calling for an end to the cultivation in the EU of genetically engineered (GE) maize MON810. This GE maize produces an insecticidal protein. New research published by Spanish scientists is the reason for the…


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