Set limits to biotech!

Testbiotech warning on the imminent rise of new genetically engineered organisms

New methods of genetic engineering are increasingly driving market concentration in agrochemical companies - and with it their soaring influence on politics, research and the media. A new era of genetically engineered organisms is already being ushered in.

Testbiotech provides information on these developments critically and objectively – as well as independently of the interests of the genetech-industry. Our objections to certain patent applications and the risks of genetic engineering are evidence-based and scientifically justified. We are warning that the genetech industry’s interest in short-term profit may lead to losing control of the risks associated with the use of genetic engineering.

What we want to achieve with our project:

  • to raise public awareness of current developments in biotechnology and their future impact
  • provide information on the risks
  • urge the political establishment to take action

Which new genetically engineered organisms will soon be released?

Testbiotech has chosen 12 examples to highlight the risks and problems associated with the next generation of genetically engineered organisms. We are starting with genetically engineered apples, fish and insects developed by the US company Intrexon. This is a company whose market strategies are largely investor-driven, and which typifies current developments and the business climate.

Each example is presented with an illustration and a short text.

Detailed informations are availailable in the related particular basic papers.

Using the above examples, we are highlighting five demands.

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