Ms8, Rf3

MS8xRf3 oilseed rape is a product of Bayer CropScience. It combines a hybridization system with tolerance to glufosinate herbicides.

MS8xRf3 was obtained by conventional crossing of MS8 and RF3 oilseed rape. The genetic modification encompasses three genes derived from bacterial and fungal sources:

  • a barnase-gene from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.The gene was inserted in MS8 and encodes for a RNAse, which makes the oilseed rape male sterile.
  • a barstar-gene from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. The gene was inserted in RF3 and encodes for an inhibitor of RNAse, which restores fertility.
  • a bar-gene from the soil fungi Streptomyces hygroscopius. The gene was inserted in MS8 and RF3 and encodes for the enzyme Phosphinothricin-Acetyltransferase, which leads to tolerance to glufosinate herbicides.

Currently, MS8xRf3 oilseed rape is approved for commercial cultivation in the USA, in Japan, Canada and Australia. In addition, MS8xRf3 oilseed rape is approved for food and feed uses in several other countries, including the EU. In 2009 MS8xRf3 oilseed rapewas commercially cultivated in two countries, the USA and Canada.

In the EU Mx8xRf3 oilseed rape was notified as an existing product in October 2004. The authorisation also includes the individual lines Ms8 and Rf3. An application for renewal of an "existing product" was submitted in 2007.
In Austria Ms8, Rf3 and Ms8xRf3 are banned since 2008.

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feed materials/additives
food materials/additives
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(national) bans in place
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banned in Austria since 2008


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