About us

What are the consequences of genetic engineering for humans and the environment? From a critical point of view, Testbiotech provides information and scientific expertise on the risks associated with these technologies, that is completely independent of the biotech industry. In this way, we help to strengthen the decision-making competence of politicians and society.
We are funded by private donations as well as project- and foundation funds. We make our own decisions on projects and content. Testbiotech is a registered non-profit organisation, it regularly publishes annual reports and is registered in the EU Transparency Register. Our institutional donors are listed on our website.

Our main topics are:

Testbiotech was founded as an Institute for the Independent Impact Assessment of Biotechnology in 2008 in Munich, Germany. Our statutes (available only in German) can be downloaded below.

Our team in Munich:

  • Dr. med. vet. Christoph Then: Executive und scientific director
  • Dr. rer. nat. Ruth Tippe: Scientific advisor
  • Dipl. agr. Andreas-Bauer Panskus: Investigations and scientific documentation
  • Dr. phil. Nina Valenzuela: Project manager
  • M.A. Mario Kuttruff: Project manager

Our Team in Brussels:

  • Mag.a Astrid Österreicher: EU Biotech Policy Advisor