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Testbiotech shows increasing number of patents on food plants and New GE
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Gene Drive - intervention in the "germline" of natural diversity
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US Patent granted on the design of human offspring

US company to offer methods for the selection blue eyes, longer life and athletic properties for offspring
Friday, 4 October 2013

The US company 23andMe has received a US patent for the selection of human sperm cells and oocytes (US8543339). Genetic data can be collected from which potential parents can choose donors according to criteria such as eye colour, longer life span and athletic properties.

Genetically engineered soybeans in EU Court of Justice: David and Goliath

Monsanto, the EFSA, the UK Government and the EU Commission all joining forces against civil society
Wednesday, 25 September 2013
Munich/ Luxembourg

Monsanto, the British Government, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the EU Commission are joining forces in EU Court proceedings to prevent risky genetically engineered soybeans from being withdrawn from the food market.

Genetically engineered oilseed rape out of control

Plants can no longer be withdrawn from the environment
Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Today Testbiotech has published a global overview of countries where there has been an uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered oilseed rape (canola). The countries include Canada, the US, Japan, Australia and Europe. In many cases the plants have escaped far beyond the fields into the environment. In some cases, the transgenes have moved into populations of wild relatives. Furthermore, new combinations of DNA constructs have been found which were never approved for release into the environment. The overview has been published to coincide with the international conference (ABIC) in Calgary, where agro-biotech industry representatives are gathering.

European Union set to decide on the import of Monsanto drought resistant maize

Munich/ Parma 12.9.2012 In a meeting taking place in Brussels tomorrow, the EU Commission and experts from EU Member States will discuss and probably vote on the import of a genetically maize produced by Monsanto (MON87460) that is supposedly drought tolerant.


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