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Testbiotech shows increasing number of patents on food plants and New GE
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Gene Drive - intervention in the "germline" of natural diversity
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Keep gene scissors under control!

Appeal to politicians

18 May 2021 / In a joint appeal, science, agricultural, beekeeping and environmental protection organisations have criticised a controversial EU Commission report on the regulation of plants and animals derived from new methods of genetic engineering (New GE, genome editing). They are warning that the report does not sufficiently address the risks to health and the environment - and may well lead to political decisions being made which harm the precautionary principle.

CRISPR/Cas comprehensively explained

The Project Genetic Engineering and the Environment provides explanatory videos with information on CRISPR/Cas potential and risks

12 May 2021 / The Project Genetic Engineering and the Environment (FGU) is today releasing the first in a series of videos on CRISPR/Cas gene scissors. The basics of the technology, its possibilities and risks will be presented in four videos. Especially applications of CRISPR/Cas in plants are explained. These videos aim to promote informed dialogue in civil society on the advantages and disadvantages of the new genetic engineering processes.

EU Commission wants to reform GMO regulation

Testbiotech points to already existing legal flexibility

30 April 2021 / The EU Commission has published a report on new genomic techniques (New GE, genome editing) in plants and animals. They have concluded that the current EU GMO regulation should be reformed. Its fundamental goals are to promote New GE applications in agriculture and to foster international trade, technology and product development. The Commission is also demanding that decisions on market approvals should consider the potential benefits and not only the outcome of risk assessment. Safety for health and environment should nevertheless be guaranteed.

Opposition against patent on ‘Alzheimer-apes’

Patented process causes severe animal suffering
Sunday, 25 April 2021

Testbiotech has filed an opposition against a patent on ‘Alzheimer-animals’. The patent (EP3066203) covers rodents and non-human primates, including great apes. The animals are genetically engineered to develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The patented process causes severe suffering in the animals while, at the same time, any potential medical benefits are doubtful. The patent was granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2020 to research institutions in France.


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