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Testbiotech shows increasing number of patents on food plants and New GE
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Gene Drive - intervention in the "germline" of natural diversity
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International coalition of farmers and NGOs warns about “Monsantosizing”

Munich, 22.10.2009 In a media release released on 21 of October 2009, the international coalition No Patents on Seeds warns about increasing monpolisation of plants, animals, seeds and food. Similar the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier de Schutter, raised concerns that seed patents might increase food crises.

New regulations needed for risk assessment of genetically engineered plants

Experts at Testbiotech call for introduction of crash tests
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Straßburg and Munich. - The experts at Testbiotech are for the first time going public with their new risk assessment concept for transgenic plants. Their report reveals a lack of safety testing in the risk assessment of genetically engineered plants. Safety testing needs to be updated to reflect current research standards. Testbiotech calls for the introduction of crash tests for genetically engineered plants.


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