YieldGard VT PRO/RR2 (Event MON89034 x NK603)

YieldGard VT PRO.RR2 is a hybrid by Monsanto combining Bt-toxin production and herbicide tolerance against Roundup (glyphosate).

MON89034 produces the Bt toxins Cry1A.105 and Cry2Ab2 against a number of lepidoptera. NK603 is a glyphosate (Roundup) tolerant maize.
For details on the individual events please check the individual entries for MON89034 and NK603.

Regulatory status and information, October 2009:
This hybrid is currently (14.10.2009) not listed in the Biosafety Clearing House. agbios lists approvals as food and/or feed only from four Asian countries (Japan, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan), but states that hybrids of two GMOs do not need regulatory approval in the US, so it is safe to assume that this hybrid can be cultivated and consumed in the US.

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