Success for Testbiotech: Patent on human sperm cells revoked

Thursday, 15. May 2014

Today the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich decided upon a patent held by Ovasort (UK) covering human sperm cells and the gender selection of offspring (EP1263521). Testbiotech filed an opposition because the patent violated the ethical boundaries of patent law. The opposition was successful and the patent has now been completely revoked.

Public hearing on opposition against a patent on human sperm cells

Ovasort holds a patent on gender selection

On 15.05.2014 a public hearing will be held at the EPO in Munich. It is exactly two years since representatives of the organisation Testbiotech filed an opposition to a patent (EP1263521) held by Ovasort (UK). The patent covers human sperm cells selected for their gender intended for use in in-vitro fertilisation and the production of female offspring. The patent also covers uses in animal breeding and claims the production of non-human female embryos as an invention.

Food industry lobbyists to be appointed at the Board of the EU Food Safety Authority?

Monday, 5. May 2014

Next May 7, Member States sitting in the Council of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) will vote to appoint seven members of the Management Board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). EFSA is responsible for the risk assessment of all issues related to food and feed safety in the EU including genetically engineered plants, pesticides and food additives. Its Management Board is the food agency's governing body, also in charge of its independence.


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