Scientific Chief Adviser of EU Commission under public pressure

Anne Glover advocates genetically engineered plants

31 July 2014 In a letter which was signed by Testbiotech, several NGOs are calling on the upcoming President of EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, not to nominate a chief scientific adviser again. The position of EU chief scientific adviser was created in 2011, and Anne Glover from Scotland was nominated. Since then Glover has several times spoken out publically in favour of genetically engineered plants for food production.

European Food Safety Authority plays down risks of Monsanto´s genetically engineered oilseed rape

Testbiotech demands application for the placing on the market to be refused

Friday, 25. July 2014

Testbiotech is accusing the European Food Safety Authority EFSA of deliberately playing down the risks of an uncontrolled spread of genetically modified oilseed rape. The cause for concern is an application filed by Monsanto for the import into the EU of viable transgenic oilseed rape MON88302 kernels, which are to be processed to oil and feed in Europe. Similar rape plants have already spread far beyond the fields in various regions of the world, for example along transport routes.

Brazil: Pest resistance to Bt maize 1507 in third year of cultivation

23 July 2014 Genetically engineered maize 1507 may soon be approved for cultivation in the European Union. This maize event was developed by US companies Pioneer/DuPont and Dow. Maize 1507 is a so-called Bt crop that produces an insecticidal protein. The plants are also tolerant to herbicides with the active ingredient glufosinate.


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