Toxic effects from spraying genetically engineered soybeans with a combination of herbicides

New toxicology dossier assesses health risks of glyphosate sprayed in combination with other herbicides

Monday, 4 January 2016

A toxicology dossier published today assessing herbicides sprayed onto genetically engineered soybeans has revealed some alarming results. Residues originating from a combination of glyphosate with dicamba or isoxaflutole show a higher risk of serious detrimental health effects such as genotoxicity, liver toxicity and tumours than each of the single substances. Combinations of these herbicides are regularly applied to new genetically engineered soybean varieties produced by Monsanto and Bayer.

Genome-editing in plants & animals used in food production: some technical, socio-economic and legal aspects

Hearing on “New Techniques for Plant Breeding”- Committee on Agricultural and Rural Development of the European Parliament, 1 December 2015

1 December 2015 There has been much debate for several years now on new methods of genetic engineering that can be collectively termed “genome-editing”, and used for plants and animals in food production. As two recently published legal dossiers show, these techniques are definitely covered by EU Directive 2001/18. If the new techniques were to be exempted from regulation, all plants and animals derived from them could enter the market without risk assessment and labelling, thus undermining the protection goals of EU regulation.

German authorities biased in their assessment of new methods of genetic engineering

Testbiotech analysis of the decision-making process regarding CIBUS

25 November 2015 / Today, the BUND Naturschutz, Umweltinstitut Munich and Testbiotech in a media conference are demanding a change in German politics regarding new methods of genetic engineering. They are urging the Christian Social Union party in Bavaria (CSU), which is part of the German coalition government, to take action in preventing plants produced by new methods of genetic engineering from being cultivated and used in food production without any prior risk assessment or labelling.


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