Synthetic Genome Technologies: Total synthesis of a yeast chromosome accomplished

New possibilities of radically altering a genome

28 March 2014 Scientist in the US have succeeded in re-synthesising a whole chromosome contained in yeast. In the process some changes in the genome were introduced and DNA sequences regarded as non-essential for survival of the yeast cell were removed. The new cells are reported to have similar biological characteristics as the native variants (Annaluru N., et al, 2014).

EU food safety regulation: New strategy needed to implement precaution

Meeting with the EU Commission on fitness check of EU regulations

4 March 2014 / Brussels. Today Testbiotech, together with various stakeholders, will participate in a meeting organised by the EU Commission to discuss current regulations relating to the food chain. EU Regulation 178/2002, which is perceived as the most basic regulation on food safety, is undergoing scrutiny by the EU Commission REFIT program to evaluate its content and overall effectiveness. This regulation is fundamental to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Testbiotech believes that a substantial improvement in EU food safety standards is essential in order to meet the high level of protection required by this Regulation.

Court case to establish precedent on genetically engineered soybean Intacta goes a step further

Complaint against the authorisation of SmartStax fails for formal reasons

Munich / Luxembourg 14.2. 2014. In the case brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) against the decision to authorise the genetically engineered soybean Intacta, Monsanto, the UK government and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have now filed their observations. Together with two other organisations, Testbiotech started legal proceedings in 2013 to oppose an EU Commission decision to authorise the soybean for import and usage in food & feed. Monsanto, EFSA and the UK government then joined the court case in support of the EU Commission.


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