EU Commission in favour of industry influencing publicly funded risk research

New doubts about the credibility of the EU project GRACE

Friday, 9. January 2015

The EU Commission has replied to the Testbiotech report on a feeding trial with genetically engineered maize conducted as part of the EU GRACE project. However, the Commission does not discuss in detail the points raised. Instead, it is emphasised that the participation of industry is generally intended within this project. As the report of Testbiotech showed, the publication of the results of the trial with rats fed with genetically engineered maize MON810 makes no mention of indications of health impacts in the rats.

Petition to strengthen independent risk research thrown out by German parliament

The petition aimed to combat conflicts of interest within the German authorities and to promote independent risk research

17 December 2014 The petition was started in 2013 by a broad coalition of organisations. It aimed to combat conflict of interests within German authorities and to strengthen industry-independent risk research, especially in context of biotechnology. Testbiotech has now been informed that the committee for petitions in the German parliament has recommended rejecting the initiative.

GRACE- study: The EU-Commission needs to take action

Concerns about feeding study with genetically engineered maize still urgent

15 December 2014 / Testbiotech has sent a letter to EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis re-stating its criticism of the Zeljenkova et al. (2014) publication on the outcome of a feeding trial with rats, conducted under the GRACE project funded by the EU Commission. The rats were fed over a period of 90 days with genetically engineered maize MON810, which produces an insecticidal protein, and the results were published in October 2014 in the journal Archives of Toxicology. Testbiotech is requesting that this publication be withdrawn for the following reasons:


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