About us

Testbiotech informs about the risks associated with biotechnology, we contribute to political discussion and decision-making and identify options for taking action. The expertise we provide is entirely independent of biotech industry and is there to promote informed public discussion and choice.

Testbiotech was founded in 2008 by a group of experts to promote industry-independent research and public debate on the impact of biotechnology. Our first public activities started in late 2009.
Our topics are:

  • Biotechnology and our responsibility for nature
  • Genetic engineering in agriculture
  • Genetic engineering and animals
  • Synthetic biology and synthetic genome technologies
  • Patents on life
  • Independence of research institutions and regulatory authorities

In order to make choices about the use of biotechnology we need clear legal and ethical boundaries as well as a robust, comprehensive and independent risk assessment. Testbiotech advocates diverse, critical and informed discussions on genetic engineering and biotechnology. This will enable both society and politics to take control of the technology and its applications, ensuring that we do not become the victims of risky developments imposed on us by the vested interests of industry.