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USDA has already approved six organisms engineered with CRISPR

Already six organisms engineered with CRISPR are allowed by USDA

18 January 2018 / The US is currently authorising more and more genetically engineered products without putting any effective controls in place; regardless of whether old or new methods of genetic engineering are used. The first genetically engineered apples appeared on US supermarket shelves in 2017. Sliced and packed in plastics, the so-called “Arctic” apples are engineered to still look fresh even if they are not. These apples were developed using earlier methods of genetic engineering. No labelling is required.

EU Commission uses the Christmas period to grant authorisation for imports of genetically engineered soybeans

A gift made to Bayer and Dow without anyone knowing
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The EU Commission has granted six further authorisations for genetically engineered plants, including some controversial genetically engineered soybeans with triple herbicide resistance. The decision to grant authorisation was made on the quiet by the EU Commission during the Christmas holiday period. Testbiotech has proven that the real risks from consumption of these soybeans were not investigated. But the EU Commission failed to respond to any of these scientific arguments.

Import of genetically engineered oilseed rape: EU Ombudswoman criticises EU Commission for ‘maladministration’

But EU Commission decision is not being questioned

4 January 2017 / The EU Ombudswoman has criticised the EU Commission in regard to procedural errors in the risk assessment of genetically engineered plants. The case was started after Testbiotech made a complaint regarding the import of viable oilseed rape kernels that could, due to spillage, lead to the uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered plants. The EU Commission had, in fact, taken far longer to deal with the complaint than the stipulated time frame. This has now been deemed ‘maladministration’ by the ombudswoman.

Genetically engineered soybeans: Testbiotech accuses companies of manipulating risk assessment

EFSA provides data but only after a substantial delay
Thursday, 21 December 2017

According to a Testbiotech analysis, there are clear indications that the companies Dow and Bayer manipulated the data for risk assessment of their genetically engineered soybeans. The claim is based on analysis of the data presented by the companies for risk assessment in the EU. Analysis showed that Dow used a special sample of the genetically engineered soybeans in their feeding studies with rats, which was sprayed with much lower amount of herbicides than usual.


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